Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Reading Rolling

Me: "So how's his reading coming along, reading with you?"
ECE: "Funny you should ask actually - very well - we're already moving him to the B group."
Me: "Already?"
ECE: "The A group books are just too easy for him. He's already bored."
Me: "How many groups are there?"
ECE: "3. A through C."
Me: "With the idea that by the end of senior kindergarten they are through the C category?"
ECE: "Yes."
Me: "And do you think Tommy will be through the C category by the end of Junior kindergarten?"
ECE: "Undoubtedly."
Me: "Well then what does he do next year?"
ECE: "I think we both know the gifted program is the only place for Tommy."

Of course I think that, I'm his dad. Real nice to have it validated though.


Monday, 18 January 2016

Monday, 11 January 2016

Thug Daddy Pride

I drop T off at school today and his teacher (ECE) comes running after me in the hallway...

T's Teacher: "I need to talk to you."
Me: *grimacing* "Ok, what's up?"
Teacher: "I had to take T out of class on friday."
I think to myself... here we go. Smarty pants is being disruptive again
Me: "Was he being disruptive?"
Teacher: "Oh no, not at all. Sorry. I took him out of class because we don't usually have the Junior JKs read because they're not ready, but T was just bursting at the seams."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Teacher: "Well... you know that boy of yours is pretty darn smart."
Me: "Sure, just ask him and he'll tell you."
Teacher: "I took him to the library because he was mouthing all the words as we read them. I sit down with him, and he reads me the whole book. I'm not sure that I have ever seen that before."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Teacher: "Well the day before he's not reading, and then he suddenly knows EVERY word in the book. I didn't even have to help him with ANY words. Not one."
Me: "He's a fairly unusual young man. I told you that his brain has always been - unique."
Teacher: "Yeah, but it's like he already has nearly every word in the English language memorized and somehow the switch just got turned on."
Me: "T is an absolute perfectionist to a fault. So i don't think he wanted to read until he knew that he could. As I told you a while ago, all of the tools were already there. We read a lot - every day, and we learn new words too."
Teacher: "Yeah, but do you know how special it is to just learn like that? You have a very special young boy. You should be very proud of him."
Me: "Thank you. I'm very proud of him. Wait til you start doing Math, then you're really gonna be freaked out."
Teacher: "I'm not freaked out at all. I'm just reminded of why I love being a teacher."

I walked out of the school, out into the playground, and judge me not, but I had to shed a few little tears.

Because she was right, and today I learned what pride was. Real pride. The kind that makes you puff out your chest and ask the world if they wanna take you on today because you're ready for anything.

He inspires me every day.

Our kids can teach us more than we teach them - if our eyes are open.

Sorry for the rant. #proudPapa

Thursday, 7 January 2016

How Vile!?!?!?!

Some anecdotes require little-to-no-setup... like this one:

Upon entering the basement to grab some clothes from the dryer, I hear Tommy say from the upstairs...

"UH-OH.... DADDY!!! Don't come up here! I farted and it really, really smells. Like bad. Like you might get sick. I'll tell you when the coast is clear."

This is the point in where I should probably mention something about the proverbial apple and how it didn't fall from the tree...

Monday, 28 December 2015

Why You Deceptive Little...

So the wee lad had a play date today, and when it came time to go - and more importantly clean-up - this little exchange took place between T and his friend:

E: "I'm the best cleaner upper in the world."

T: "Oh wow, that's fantastic. Well I think everybody should be the best in the world at something and if that's what your best at E, I don't want to get in your way or do anything to stop that. So you go ahead"

** crickets **

Both parents, and the other little playmate all just looked at each other, like:

"Did that just happen?"

He possesses the ever elusive qualities of a 9-year old already. Lord help us all.

Dude was smooth though, I have to admit. If you put him on a used car lot, he'd already write bank, and he isn't even 5 yet.

You try say "No" to him and watch him wrap you in his spider web of child deception. Poetic brilliance.

Love that little boy. lol